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June 17, 2019

Protecting Yourself and Your Valuables While Travelling

Passport — check. ID — check. Credit cards — check. Cell phone — it was just here! When you are on vacation, the last thing you want is for your valuables to be stolen or go missing. Protect your passport, ID, credit cards, and cell phone, plus jewellery, golf clubs, and other valuables with the following savvy-traveller tips.

Plan and Pack Wisely

Expensive rings, watches, and other cherished items are often best left at home or in a bank safe deposit box. If you must bring valuables, spread them around — hide your passport in an inside jacket pocket and put your jewellery in a sock roll.
To protect yourself, leave a photocopy of your passport and other travel documents at home with a trusted relative or friend and bring another with you. Also, advise your home bank that you’ll be travelling so they’re aware if unusual charges come through on your account.

Pictures can help provide accurate information and descriptions of lost or stolen items to local law enforcement and proof of belongings if you need to submit a travel insurance baggage claim.

Carry or Wear Valuables

Stow hand luggage containing important items beneath the seat in front of you rather than overhead, where it can be moved or opened without you noticing. On trains, safely stow or take valuables with you when going to the dining car. On long bus rides, attach your backpack to your person so that no one can lift anything if you fall asleep.

Options for hiding your loot on your body include valuables pouches, money belts (that look like real belts), and money socks, among others. Many are somewhat more subtle than traditional money belts, which might require you to untuck and lift up your shirt to access your cash.

Most baggage coverage excludes lost currency, so keep cash to an absolute minimum when travelling.

Be Smart

Check Government of Canada advisories for location-specific advice and to help be aware of or avoid high-risk areas. While away, be vigilant and ensure you always know where your valuables are. When you’ll need a credit card, carry one and leave another in the hotel safe for emergencies. Similarly, carry a photocopy of your passport and leave the original safely stored in the hotel during outings.

The best travel insurance includes benefits for lost or stolen luggage, assisting with recovering or replacing travel documents and ID, arranging emergency cash transfers from family, and more. For complete details, be sure to read your policy document. 

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