May 31, 2016

Try a Random Road Trip This Summer

Alberta’s a beautiful place, from the prairies to the mountains. With lakes, rivers and abundant wildlife, it’s one of the most beautiful places in Canada and the world. But often the people who live here forget what a gem our province is. When many of us travel around Alberta, we leave home with nothing in mind but arriving at wherever “there” is.

When we focus only on the destination, though, we miss many treasures along the way. So why not try a random road trip this summer?

Here are some approaches you can take to randomizing your outing.
• Pick a travel direction from your starting point (north, south, east or west). Get on the highway in that direction and drive until you find the first road sign that intrigues you. Let the sign guide you to your first stop. Keep choosing new places for as long as you want to continue—and perhaps try a different route home.
• Get a map of Alberta, choose a point on it without looking, and then get in the vehicle and hit the open road. To make your choice, you can point your finger on a spot, roll a marker onto the map or hang the map on the wall and toss a dart into it. Or you can come up with your own fun selection method.
• Use an on-line random destination selector. For example, Destination Darts allows you to choose Alberta as a region and throw a virtual dart.

Get to know new corners of Alberta with a random road trip this summer. Focus on the journey—and enjoy the unexpected places and moments you find as you wander. And don’t forget your sunglasses. Here’s why.