December 19, 2019

Adult Tutor Volunteer Opportunity

Today, 4 out of 10 Albertans struggle with literacy.
Imagine their challenges – school, books, job applications, safety manuals, menus, prescriptions, instructions, signs, maps . . .
Imagine the cost to society – to education, healthcare, social services, the criminal justice system, the economy, you.
Imagine what Alberta could achieve if everyone could read.
At the Centre for Family Literacy, they are committed to helping build, develop and improve literacy in Alberta.

The Centre for Family Literacy is the first of its kind in Alberta and Canada and is recognized for its innovative programs and projects.
They provide a wide range of adult and family literacy programs in Edmonton, as well as training, resources, information and advocacy across the Province.

Family Literacy

Literacy weaves through all aspects of family and community life – through health, employment, education, social welfare, and justice. It is the foundation for all other learning. Family literacy programs focus on developing literacy within the family as a whole.

Family Literacy is not just about reading and writing. It’s about developing stronger relationships between parents and their children and getting parents involved in their children’s education. It is about building stronger families and healthy communities.

Parents who are involved in family literacy programs at the Centre are also improving their own literacy skills, while supporting the literacy development of their children. All family members benefit!

 Adult Literacy

The Centre for Family Literacy provides a range of adult literacy classes, as well as one on one adult tutoring in English reading, writing, comprehension, and numeracy.

Adult Tutor Volunteers Needed!

Work one-on-one with adults who want to improve their reading, writing, math, or other essential life skills.
Tutors and students meet in safe public locations across Edmonton at a day, time, and location that is convenient for both people.
Make a difference in someone’s life today!

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