January 5, 2018

Interested in Sharing your Time, Experience and Open Heart?

Looking for volunteers for:
Homework Clubs and/or Creating and Facilitating a Teaching 101 Seminar | Edmonton, AB

The Youth Initiative at the Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative works aside a diverse number of youth groups that have each formed naturally from within their own immigrant and refugee community. Groups working to meet the needs and desires recognized and addressed from within the group or community. The role of the organization is to act as an aunt or older sibling, providing options and resources to help the groups achieve what they are aiming to do with and for their youth/peers.

Through this initiative, the Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative are connected to ten separate cultural groups and have a network of seventeen different groups altogether. Many of the culturally-specific groups have organized and are running homework programs once or twice a week where youth bring in their homework that they are struggling with for additional support, in some cases for the younger kids the leaders offer worksheets for them to try and build their skills. The fact that the youth are able to speak their own language and help one another is something that is greatly appreciated. The connections that the youth make with the mentors and leaders are also something that has proven to be pivotal for the mental well-being of the youth; The homework clubs become safe spaces for the youth to share and understand their experiences.

All groups, in all of the varied work that they are doing, are working to ensure that immigrant and refugee youth and their families are seeing improvements in their overall mental and physical health, making healthy choices in their day-to-day life, looking more positively forward and feeling supported and connected in Edmonton.

The groups are all run by community volunteers. In some groups, some of the leaders do receive a small honorarium for their work. Though the leaders are considered experts in understanding the experiences and backgrounds of the youth and families, they are often running their programs by trial and error. Many of the leaders also comment that their ability to properly teach or help youth understand their homework is limited.

It is with this in mind that the Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative are looking for specialized volunteers who have an experience in teaching.

The Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative is interested in chatting with folks interested in being volunteers in the homework clubs themselves and/or exploring the possibility of facilitating a “teaching 101” seminar for the leaders or other volunteers.

For more Information Please Contact:
Jenelle Plasko
Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative