mediterranean coastline

Return to Travel 2023: Opportunities and Challenges

-by Ron Jeffery This year has seen a return to…


Sun Safety (Heat Stroke)

As the weather gets warmer, and we spend more of…

older male teacher at a chalk baord

Subbing In Retirement

by Erika Foley, Wellness Committee If you’re a retired teacher,…

Family enjoying an outdoor event together

Want More Joy In Your Life? Listen Up!

We all have sounds that bring us right back to…

older man putting in allergy eye drops

Treating Seasonal Allergies with ARTARx

Allergy symptoms are a fact of life for many as…

Small dice spelling Physical Health

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Hello, my name is Joyce Loucks, and my guess is…


Is The Ringing, Buzzing, and Hissing All In Your Head?

If you’re one of the 15% to 20%1 of people…

Spring 2023 Wellness Committee

Transitioning from Work/Life Balance to Retirement/Life Balance

Ron Jeffery | Member, ARTA Wellness Committee Retirees have transitioned…

Spiritual Wellness Spring 2023 Banner

Harmony and Discord

Llyod Den Boer Imagine a serene Sunday morning in a…


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