February 20, 2018

Six Tips to Make a Smooth Transition from Your Empty Nest

Many of us find ourselves in the position of downsizing to a new home and the task may seem insurmountable. The Pension and Financial Wellness Committee has started researching different companies that specifically assist seniors in moves and had the opportunity to have the owner of one company speak to the committee on February 6, 2018.

Shannon Lang, the owner of Elder Move Inc., spoke to the committee about the type of work that they do. She pointed out that after consulting with the people contracting the move, her company takes over. They do the sorting, removal of unwanted items, packing, moving to, and setting up in the new location.

Shannon provided “Six Tips to Make a Smooth Transition from your Empty Nest”. They are:

  1. Start early—begin at least a month before you list your home
  2. Have a plan—make four piles; Keep, Donate, Give (to family members) and Trash.
  3. Involve your kids—having a heart-to-heart about the items’ value—emotional and monetary—is in order.
  4. Keep memories, without the clutter—make DVDs of photographs, choose one or two items and take photos of the rest.
  5. Donate—for the items that you cannot sell, try to donate those items to churches or other charities.
  6. Be a shrewd yard sale manager—call it a “moving sale”

There are several companies that provide custom moving services for individuals who are looking to downsize. ARTA and the Pension and Financial Wellness Committee are working to identify reputable companies to promote to ARTA members and will provide this information on arta.net when available.

For more information on downsizing for a move, you can read The Emotional Rollercoaster of Downsizing Advertising Feature from the Winter 2017 news&views.