Mental Wellness Bingo Challenge
September 15, 2022

ARTA Mental Wellness Challenge Bingo

These past few years have been hard on our mental health. ARTA’s purpose is to support our members in an engaged lifestyle, which includes being mindful of our members’ mental health. The ARTA Wellness Committee is dedicated to providing members with new ideas and programs to initiate habits that improve mental well-being.

Improving one pillar of mental illness affects the others, as each pillar is closely related to the next.
● Emotional wellness is the ability to navigate and regulate our feelings.
● Spiritual wellness gives us a sense of purpose and connection to something bigger than ourselves.
● Intellectual wellness is the capacity to solve problems, learn new information, and think for ourselves.
● Physical wellness is our overall bodily health, including diet, exercise, and medical care.
● Social wellness is the act of making connections and forming relationships with those around us.

ARTA’s annual Mental Wellness Challenge Bingo provides members with new ideas and motivation to explore the pillars of mental wellness. We hope to inspire you to recharge and refresh your mental well-being to enable you to live a longer and more fulfilling life.

Once you have completed a mental wellness exercise on the bingo card, cross it off and move on to the next exercise. For every completed “bingo” (a line across, down, or diagonal) you will receive one entry into a draw (up to a maximum of three entries). If you get a “blackout,” you will get five entries! Each entry will give you the chance to win some great prizes including ARTA gear from the ARTA apparel store. The bingo card can be found online at if you would like to download a copy. You can submit your bingo card by emailing a picture or scanning your card to

Please submit your final bingo card by November 30, 2022.