June 13, 2016

Blood Donor Day June 14

About half of all Canadians will need donated blood at some point in their lives, for reasons ranging from cancer treatment to surgery to accidents. Approximately 100,000 new donors are needed annually to meet these needs, but only 4% of Canadians donate blood.

On World Blood Donor Day on June 14, please consider donating blood. To find a clinic near you and book an appointment, use the scheduling tool available on the Canadian Blood Services website at blood.ca/en/.

Here are five facts about blood and blood donation.
• Your body has about five litres of blood in it.
• One unit of donated blood is about 450 ml.
• Up to 50 units of blood are needed to save one car crash victim.
• Up to eight units are needed each week to help a person fighting leukemia.
• According to Canadian Blood Services, “Canadians are some of the most loyal donors in the world, donating more than two times per year on average.” Will you be one of them?

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