April 21, 2015

How and Why Your Diet Should Change After 50

Turning 50 is the perfect milestone for making positive changes. I have seen it many times over with my clients. It is as if there is an internal switch that opens the mind to possibilities. There is a crystal clear realization that this life is not a dress rehearsal.

What would you like to do, see or achieve for the rest of your life? Perhaps there are places in the world where you would like to travel. Maybe you would like to go back to school or run a marathon or learn how to dance. Whatever your goals, your key to accomplishment is your health. Without it you will not be able to do or enjoy much of anything. The fastest and most effective route to good health is your diet.

Do we need to change our diets after 50 years of age? We all have room for improvement in this area at any age, but there are some specific bodily changes that occur around mid-life that we can address and improve with the right foods.

Hormonal changes may cause an increase in body fat and a decrease in metabolism. As bleak as this may sound, it is not a pill that you must swallow. Instead, see it as an opportunity to introduce some fun new flavour to your life! Forget about going on a diet. At 50 you are much too smart for that. The best way to get your body working optimally for you is to add in what it needs to function like the miraculous machine that it is.

Bones may become less dense, energy may wane, your constitution may be inconsistent and memory may be trying to play some funny tricks. All of these things are within your power to correct. Your most powerful tool is your mind. Make your mind up to be the master of your experience.

Your biggest impact on your health and happiness is your lifestyle. Embrace 50 or older as an opportunity, a good excuse to become just a little more, just a little better.

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