Making Lifelong Friends Blog Sept 2022
September 26, 2022

Making Lifelong Friends

– Bonnie Bauer | Member, Wellness Committee, ARTA

Having friends to do things with is a very important aspect to senior wellness. Over the years, I have been fortunate to have made many good friends that I cherish very much. I had the privilege of marrying one of my best friends from my youth. He still makes me laugh and continues to bring joy to my life every day.

University and the U of A Mixed Chorus brought many more lifelong friends into my life. After that came my teaching colleagues and then other parents. Bonding with other parents through our children’s activities and church families expanded our lives even further. Even though our children are now young adults with families of their own, the friendships we developed are still strong. Then came the new friends that I met through ARTA.

A group of three dear friends that I taught with bless my life continually. Three out of the four are retired. Each summer we get together at a family cabin. It is a fun-filled time playing cards, swimming, kayaking, and eating girl food! Our homemade sushi stacks, salads, and margaritas are the best! I think we are the only ones who can play cards almost nonstop for four days in a row. We each bring a themed prize to give to the one who wins the most games.

During spring break, we love to spend time at one of the dear ladies’ snowbird home in Arizona. We attend Silver Sneakers exercises, check out attractions, see movies, go bowling, and spend many hours on the back deck playing cards, swimming in the pool, and eating more delicious food.

Getting together also gives us a chance to catch up and pray for each other’s families over any concerns we might have. It is always nice to know you have a friend or a group of friends who are there for you. I hope this will encourage you to reach out to a friend and bless their life today as well as your own.