hands moving puzzle pieces
May 11, 2022

Making Puzzles for Wellness

by Erika Foley

There are many different paths to Wellness. Have you ever wanted to spend your evenings doing something besides texting on your cell phone or playing games on your laptop or computer?

One way that I can get something else into my day and get off the cell phone or laptop is by doing jigsaw puzzles. Some prefer crossword puzzles, but I find wellness and a change of pace by working on jigsaw puzzles.

To me, it is very relaxing, enjoyable, and lets my mind think of other things besides housework or my next subbing day. Some 350-piece puzzles take me a few hours to complete, while the 1000-piece ones can take a few days. I have also completed a 2000-piece puzzle that took me a few weeks to finish.

I usually work on them in the afternoon or at night before going to bed. I finish my texting and social media scrolling, then sit at the table and put in a few pieces of the puzzle. Sometimes this leads to a few extra hours of staying awake, but then I can fall asleep quickly.

Not everyone enjoys making puzzles, but for me it is a great way to fill in the spare time. I have been doing puzzles since I was a child and have never stopped enjoying this activity. I bet there are a few of you reading this that like putting puzzles together too. Some even glue the pieces together, decoupage them and frame them to put on the walls of their home.

Have fun making puzzles! I certainly do.