April 21, 2015

Smart Eating Out Helps Manage Your Weight

Did you know??

By eating 100-300 calories less per day you can lose 10 to 30 pounds in a year? You have to create a deficit of 3500 calories to lose one pound of body fat. It all comes down to smart choices, small changes and a little bit of planning.

When eating out a few small changes can make a big difference around your waist.

• Order sauces or dressings on the side and dip you food into them rather than having them smother your food
• Switch from ice tea and pop to milk or water
• Switch from full fat latte with whipping cream to no fat latte and hold the whipping cream
• Be menu lingo savvy, order grilled, broiled, baked or steamed items
• Order the small or seniors sized items
• Share high calorie foods with a friend or take half home for another day
• Ask the restaurant for their nutrition information. This is often posted on their web site and you can plan ahead what you are going to order to ensure that you make a smart choice.

But do these changes really make a difference? Let’s compare; if you choose:

• A small fries (210 calories) instead of a large fries (610 calories) and you save 400 calories!
• A small hamburger (280 calories) instead of a large hamburger (590 calories) and save 310 calories! Fill up on a side salad and milk.
• A non-fat latte and hold the whip cream (500 ml/ 160 calories) instead of a full fat latte with whipping cream (500 ml / 400 calories – almost the amount of energy in a meal) and save 240 calories!
• 1% chocolate milk (250 ml / 158 calories) instead of a bottle of pop (591 ml / 260 calories) and save 102 calories!
• A baked potato with low fat sour cream (187 calories) instead of French Fries (450 calories) and save 263 calories!
• Skip the special sauce, mayonnaise or bacon on your sandwich and save 20-180 calories!

Plan ahead for smart snacking.

Read labels! Compare nutrition information labels to choose the best snacks for you. Look for brands lower in fat and salt, and higher in fibre. Vegetables and fruits have no labels and always make a great snack! At least one of your snacks daily should include vegetables and fruit.

Smart snackers choose:

• Pretzels (30 ml / 100 calories) instead of corn chips (30 ml / 150 calories) and save 50 calories!
• Low fat microwave popcorn (250 ml / 70 calories) instead of buttered kind (250 ml / 140 calories) and save 70 calories!
• Frozen yogurt (125 ml / 115 calories) instead of ice cream (125 ml / 349 calories) and save 234 calories!
• A cheese string (30 g / 79 calories) instead of cheese crackers (30 g / 142 calories) and save 63 calories!

Article written by: Diane Britton, Registered Dietitian

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