April 21, 2015

Snack Smart

Canadians eat 60% of their daily calories from snacks.

If you choose wisely, healthy snacks help control appetite, cravings, and give you an energy boost. Be aware of portion size no matter what snack you choose.

Little changes make a big difference:

• Pretzels (30 ml / 100 calories) instead of corn chips (30 ml / 150 calories) save 50 calories.
• Low fat microwave popcorn (250 ml / 70 calories) instead of buttered kind (250 ml / 140 calories) saves 70 calories.
• Frozen yogurt (125 ml / 115 calories) instead of ice cream (125 ml / 349 calories) saves 234 calories.

Plan for success:

• Buy healthy snacks when grocery shopping. It’s easy to stay on track if you have them available.
• People are less likely to pack healthy foods in the morning rush, so plan and pack snacks each night for the next day. Packing healthy snacks with you helps avoid impulse decisions to purchase low nutrient/ high calorie snacks. It’s also less expensive.
• Eat no more than 40 g of sugar a day (not including natural sugar (fructose) found in whole fruit) – read labels to see where sugar is hidden in foods.
• Compare nutrition information labels to choose the best snacks for you. Look for brands lower in fat and salt, and higher in fibre.
• Portion snacks out before you start eating. It’s harder to keep track of how much you’ve eaten and easier to overeat when you eat right from the bag or box.
• Vegetables and fruits have no labels and always make a great snack! Everyday at least one of your snacks should include vegetables and fruit.

Article written by: Diane Britton, Registered Dietitian

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