January 30, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Indoor Walking

It’s well established that walking is a low-impact exercise that is beneficial to help in weight loss and building muscle. The fact that most everyone can do it is also a plus. Let’s look at the positives and negatives of walking indoors.

The Pros

During the winter months, indoor walking becomes a necessity. Frostbite and slippery conditions make walking feel like a death-defying stunt. Having easy access to an indoor track, a mall, or a treadmill allows you all the muscle-building benefits that walking provides, while avoiding the dangers of the great outdoors.

The Cons

The worst thing about indoor walking is that you don’t get to enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. Sunshine allows you to get a nice boost of Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a role in absorbing calcium and phosphorus, helping bone growth and preventing osteoporosis. The fresh air of the open outdoors has also been attributed to reducing stress and improving mood.


Whether you walk outside or inside, it’s important to stay active. Don’t let the weather conditions become an obstacle to staying fit when there are alternative options available.

It’s never too late to start walking. Join us on April 1 for the 2020 ARTA Wellness Challenge.  Join the fun to get fit—and don’t forget to track your active minutes.