April 19, 2016

Walking is a Stress Reducer

The weight loss benefits of walking are well known, but many people may not realize that this easy exercise also reduces stress. Some studies show a stroll at a comfortable pace can be as effective as a brisk walk for lowering stress. So why does it work?


Going for a walk gives your brain other things to think about, such as the beauty of the nature around you, instead of focusing attention on whatever is stressing you out. The benefit is even more pronounced if you concentrate on a specific stimulus while you walk such as the sound of your feet as you take each step or the count of your breath.

Energy Release

Walking also gives you a constructive way to use the pent-up energy that results from the body’s natural fight-or-flight response to stressors. When you walk, you release muscle tension and dissipate stress hormones such as cortisol.

ARTA Walking Challenge

Since hitting the pavement can be a stress-reducer, why not join the ARTA Walking Challenge from now until June 30? You can lower your stress and compete with (or against) your fellow members. Learn more here.



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