June 23, 2017

Having the Right Walking Posture

walkingWalking is a great form of exercise that is easy to do–but are you walking with the correct posture? A great walking posture will help you breathe easier, avoid back pain, and help correct the slouching we do while sitting at the computer. Here are a few steps that you can take for the right walking posture.

Stand Up Straight and Tall

While standing, stretch your neck straight up and keep your chin parallel to the ground. Avoid arching your back, leaning forward or leaning back as it may put a strain on muscles while you walk. Tuck in your behind by rotating your hip slightly forward. This will keep you from arching your back or leaning forward.

Tummy in

Slightly suck in your stomach to engage your core muscles. This will help you maintain good posture and resist slouching and leaning.

Eyes forward

Don’t look down at your feet or at your smartphone but focus your eyes about 5 metres ahead of you. This will allow you to stand straight while still being able to see your path.

Relax your shoulders

Shrug your shoulders once and let them relax, with your shoulders pulled slightly back. This will help relieve tension and put your shoulders in a position for good arm motion while walking.

Swing your arms

Actively swing your arms when you walk to generate extra momentum. Swinging your arms not only helps you for walking, but it also burns some extra calories.


When your foot touches the ground, it should land on its heel and roll through the step to the toe, springing into the next step.

Check your posture before going on your next walk through the park. It only takes a few seconds and it could form a good walking habit free of annoying aches and pains.

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