April 21, 2015

Work With Your Cravings

Choosing nutrient dense foods helps manage your mood, energy levels, and boosts your immune system.

Listen to what your body is craving then choose a small amount and balance it with protein, water or fibre to fill you up. Most important, stop when you feel moderately full, not stuffed. Try to find healthy alternatives to high calorie foods if you’re being weight conscious.

Sweet Snacks
Craving sugar? Chances are you’re not eating enough or have gone too long without food. Check your watch – if you’re craving sweets around a meal or snack time your body is telling you its hungry. Choose a healthy meal or snack.
If your sweet tooth is nagging you, try foods with natural sugars – they’re sweet and loaded in nutrition:
• Baked apple with cinnamon
• Fresh, frozen or canned fruit
• Chocolate milk or pudding
• Yogurt

Crunchy Snacks
Feeling frustrated or angry? Take it out on these crisp foods. They’re healthy choices and leave you feeling better. Remember to focus on the ‘crunch’ and feel your stress melt away…
• Raw broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery
• Crisp red, green or yellow apples
• Red, yellow, green or orange pepper slices

Soothing Snacks
Warm foods are often comforting and soothing. Experiment with foods that work for you!
• Hot herbal tea
• Steamed milk
• Hot cereals
• Hot water- plain or with a slice of lemon
• Soup- chicken noodle, cream of tomato or broth with vegetables

Salty Snacks
Craving salt? Drink up – water that is. If your body is craving salt chances are you are dehydrated and your body is craving salt to hold onto water. Women should aim for 9 cups of fluid per day; men need 13 cups fluid daily.

Article written by: Diane Britton, Registered Dietitian

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