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October 13, 2020

Your Ears Never Turn Off. Take Care of Them

As HearingLife’s Chief Audiologist Jillian Price said, there is “no off switch for hearing.” Your ears are always registering sound, even when you’re sleeping! This makes your hearing dependable, but also vulnerable to decline too. In most cases, hearing loss is irreversible. So, it’s important to always be mindful of your hearing health.

How can I protect my hearing?

It is common to experience hearing loss as you age—a natural consequence of living in a noisy world. In her radio interview at RED FM, Price mentions some proactive steps you can take to protect your hearing and reduce your risk.

  1. Cap the volume on your earphones. Don’t exceed 60% of the maximum volume when wearing earphones or earbuds. This will allow you to listen at a volume that is both audible and safe.
  2. Wear protective gear. It is mandated by law that workers who are regularly exposed to harmful noises are provided with noise protection when possible. You can also purchase earplugs, or noise-cancelling headphones to safely enjoy a concert or any loud hobbies you may have!
  3. Take breaks. Two important risk factors for hearing loss are volume and length of exposure. If you must be in an environment that has a lot of loud noises, make it a priority to take breaks from the noise to reduce the likelihood of damaging your hearing. If you can,
  4. Remove yourself from loud noises completely. Price cites any noise above 85 decibels to be dangerous. As a rule, if you have to yell over the noise in order to be heard, the noise is probably too loud.
  5. Get your hearing tested. Hearing loss is a progressive condition; it tends to get worse over time. The sooner hearing loss is treated, the sooner you can mitigate its negative impact on your quality of life. Hearing treatment can reduce the strain your brain experiences when it is trying to process sounds that cannot be heard clearly, accelerating the decline in hearing.

Price says that your loved ones are often the first to notice. You may have a hearing loss if…

  • You have trouble hearing in noisy environments, i.e. groups, places with background music, restaurants.
  • You often ask for others to repeat themselves.
  • Speech often sounds garbled. People sound like they’re mumbling.
  • You find yourself turning up the volume more.

Listen to the full interview with Chief Audiologist Jillian Price.

Want to learn more?

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