April 21, 2015

Your Healthy Weight the Healthy Way

New Year’s Resolution to lose weight?

If you’re one of the many people who made their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, then here are five ways to help fast track your goal.

1. I like to Move it! Move it! Regular physical activity is a critical part of reaching your healthy weight goal. Canada’s Physical Activity Guide (PAG) recommends…

2. Plan for activity in your day. Schedule activity in your calendar as a meeting to help you stay committed. You can also break activity into ten minute sessions such as park at the far end of the parking lot, take a ten minute brisk walk at coffee break, and stretch in front of your favorite TV show for ten minutes at night – an easy way to fit 30 minutes of activity into your day!

3. Start the day right! Eat breakfast, it boosts your metabolism. A balanced breakfast includes at least three of the four food groups. Include a protein source and fibre which will help control blood sugar, cravings and aid weight loss.

4. Power Snacks! Make snacks nutrient dense but not energy dense. Include fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds (60 ml maximum serving size per day), yogurt or milk (dairy or soy). Watch your appetite and cravings decrease (because of blood sugar control) along with your waist!

5. Liquid calories Proper hydration helps control your appetite and fight fatigue. Focus on water and other hydrating fluids like milk and 100% real fruit or vegetable juice (maximum recommended juice intake is 125-250 ml/ day). Limit your caffeine containing drinks to not more than 4 cups / day. Choose pop and specialty drinks laden with sugar or fat less often.

Article written by: Diane Britton, Registered Dietitian

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