The Communications Committee has a number of responsibilities.

First, it ensures that the ARTA news&views magazine is published quarterly. In this respect, it works closely with the news&views editor as well as office staff. It also provides leadership along with office staff in other forms of communication such as mail outs, website management, emails, social media, etc. It has also played a key role in keeping committee, board members and office staff current with computer skill upgrade workshops which have been well accepted and attended. The branches are now also sponsoring, with ARTA support, these workshops at the branch level for their members, the popularity of which is attracting new members at the branch level.

Chair Inge Coates

Committee Member Laurie Semler

Committee Member Mary McDougall

Committee Member Julie Ginther

Editor-in-Chief news&views Margaret Sadler

Senior Creative Designer Virginia Quist

President - Ex Officio Lorna McIlroy

Chief Executive Officer Daniel Mulloy

Chief Marketing Officer Amanda Shaw

Manager, Marketing & Promotions Jennifer Hope

Graphic Designer Tony Esteves

Communications Specialist Robert Michon

Digital Marketing Coordinator Jonathan Schieman