The Pension & Financial Wellness Committee is composed of four elected members and one ex-officio member.

The ARTA President or designate as ex-officio and the Executive Director or designate as ex-officio. It addresses members concerns and it is currently focused on making information available to members regarding their pension and other related economic issues. In this regard, the committee relies on the professional services of the ATRF and ATA concerning these issues.

Cost-of-Living Adjustment

The Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund Board has posted an article on the 2020 Cost-of-Living Adjustment.

Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving is a type of charitable donation that is written into your will and paid out upon your death. Donations of this kind can replace the estate tax you pay, allowing you to direct your money to the charity of your choice without affecting the amount you leave to your next of kin.

To find out more about Legacy Giving, read The Retiree’s Easy Guide to Leaving Something Behind, first published in news&views magazine in Summer 2021.

Chair Ray Hoger

Committee Member Craig Whitehead

Committee Member Sheila MacKay

Committee Member Blair Lowry

Treasurer - Ex Officio Lawrence Hrycan

Chief Financial Officer Scott Tywoniuk

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