The Strategic Planning Committee has three elected members, one of whom is elected Chair by the Committee.

Its membership also includes the four elected officers of ARTA and the Executive Director who is the non-voting ex-officio member. Its main task is to plan for ARTA as it continues to grow in its many roles. It works closely with the Committees of ARTA as they plan their annual functions and their new initiatives. The costing of these initiatives is then forwarded to the Finance Committee for inclusion in the annual budget. It also plans for periodic retreats where new directions are set.

Chair Iona Robertson

Committee Member Lawrence Hrycan

Past President - Committee Member Juanita Knight

Chief Executive Officer Daniel Mulloy

Committee Member Carl McColl

President - Committee Member Marilyn Bossert

Vice President - Committee Member Lorna McIlroy

Treasurer - Committee Member Dolaine Koch

Committee Member Vi Oko