HumanaCare is an integrated mental and physical wellness service provider because a compassionate, holistic, member-centred care model is a prerequisite to more improved, long-lasting outcomes. We deliver improved outcomes through our Employee Assistance Programs, Disability Support Services, and Medical Second Opinion.

Services and Health Services (such as healthcare navigation, Chronic Disease support and specialized case management services). HumanaCare has more than 35 years of Canadian healthcare experience.

About ARTACares

Navigating the health care system can be complex but ARTACares™ is here to help. ARTACares™ provides support to you and your family during times of need such as a serious illness, injury, surgery or even for lingering concerns such as chronic illnesses. Through ARTACares™, a nurse will provide support to you or a loved one by addressing your health or caregiving challenges and providing tangible solutions.

With a simple phone call, you can receive support in:

  • Health care system navigation
  • Health advocacy
  • Care coordination
  • Chronic disease support
  • Medical second opinion services
  • Caregiving consultations

ARTACares™ is included in all ARTA Extended Health Care plan options – there is no additional cost to you to utilize this service, You can access ARTACares™ by calling 1-888-327-1500.

How do I access the new portal?

The Company Code you need to create an account is posted on MyARTA, under Announcements, titled ARTACares Portal Access.

Why do I need to create an account?

Creating a personal account allows you to manage your profile information like favourites, bookmarks and access your saved activities in the profile section to track personal growth and to help set your own goals. This also includes assessments, checklists, soft-skill courses results, and printable certificates.

Do you store any personal data/information?

The only personal data stored are members’ email, user names and passwords. This data provides a way to uniquely identify the user (and verify identity in a confirmation step) and also allows an additional communication channel and a valuable way to reach out to users with notifications like password recovery emails.

Does this cost more?

No. This portal is free to eligible members

What will I see on the portal?

You will have access to a comprehensive collection of health and wellness articles and videos, assessments, soft skill courses and much more.  With the online portal, you have access to a variety of articles and information on topics including healthy living, family, nutrition and more.

If I have questions about the portal and have trouble logging in, who do I contact?

Please email HumanaCare at

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