Introduction to the Plan

The 2013 to 2016 ARTA Strategic Plan laid the foundation for a bold and inspiring future for ARTA. The plan was a comprehensive and forward-looking document that recognized and built upon the values and strengths of ARTA. It responded to trends and issues in the environment at the time and set projections for the future.

The Strategic Plan for 2017 to 2020 takes that initial foundation and guides ARTA towards its 2020 vision. It lays out the broad picture of the services and operations for the well-being of current and affiliate members, for potential members, for other retirees, and for affiliate and similar organizations. The Strategic Plan is ARTA’s foundational document upon which other plans will be formulated. This is the final three-year outcome that translates the vision into action and details the continued development — and previous success — against performance measures.

The Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association was established in 1963 as a province-wide organization. Its goal was to offer social activities to its members and to address issues affecting retired teachers. In 1995 the ARTA Benefit plan was added to its list of services to retired teachers.

Since then, ARTA has grown to provide such services to its members as: insurance, wellness information and activities, advocacy, retirement planning, technology information, scholarship awards as well as travel plans, social activities and other benefits.

We continue to experience tremendous growth. Currently ARTA has over 25,000 members within the education, public and private sectors. ARTA has seventeen branches throughout Alberta and one satellite branch in British Columbia.

A comprehensive description of ARTA’s future, this vision guides decisions, helps set direction and encourages us to align our priorities as we work to make ARTA the association we want it to become in 2020.

From the classrooms and beyond, the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association and its members are linked by a common purpose
— to ensure a healthy, active, engaged and vibrant lifestyle after retirement. We are all part of something special, a bond that unites us and our community; a continuation of fellowship in profession that now continues in retirement.

ARTA is a vibrant association. Our membership is engaged and informed; the true strength behind our association is the passion of its members.

ARTA and its members have an enhanced quality of life; healthy, active members enjoy the benefits of being a member of our association. The broader community also benefits from the work ARTA has done in ensuring personal wellness.

ARTA and its members have a unified voice. Issues that affect our current and future members are understood and our opinions are expressed and promote action.

ARTA supports an engaged lifestyle after retirement through member-centred services, advocacy, communication, wellness and leadership.

ARTA’s Strategic Goals and Outcomes

The strategic goals outline the direction that ARTA will take from
2013 to 2020 to achieve its vision, direct long-term planning, and help set priorities for the delivery of services and programs. Outcomes are short-term, describing the desired accomplishments under each goal for the final three year period of 2017 to 2020.

ARTA fosters vibrant, engaged, and informed members

ARTA is a member-centred organization, proactively identifying the needs of its present and future membership and providing information about programs and services to meet these needs.

Outcomes 2017-2020

  • ARTA is a resource centre for its members and the branches, providing information about ARTA and its services, as well as links to other sources.
  • ARTA utilizes sound research and data to determine the needs and interests of its current and potential members.
  • ARTA is knowledgeable about the services and resources available to meet the needs and interests of its current and potential members.
  • ARTA provides the most comprehensive insurance and benefit programs to meet the needs of its members.

ARTA promotes a healthy, active and enhanced quality of life for retired people

ARTA is a leader and advocate in the promotion of wellness for retirees. ARTA develops and implements strategies to enhance the quality of the life of its members and retired people in the community.

Outcomes 2017-2020

  • ARTA provides a forum for stakeholder groups to address, coordinate and evaluate wellness activities.
  • ARTA coordinates the identification of needs related to wellness for its members.
  • ARTA coordinates and facilitates an action plan to address current wellness needs as identified.
  • ARTA provides a system for communicating, maintaining and promoting wellness activities within the association.

ARTA ensures that a unified voice is heard on issues affecting current and future retired individuals

ARTA is an effective advocate for its members and retirees with similar interests and concerns. ARTA is recognized as a valued and respected spokesperson on behalf of its members and those in the broader community.

Outcomes 2017-2020

  • ARTA’s Board and staff and appropriate branch representatives are knowledgeable and skilled in advocacy.
  • ARTA is strategically linked with its branches, retiree groups, and government agencies to acquire information and to establish a unified voice.
  • ARTA has well-researched and articulated positions on the most important issues affecting retired teachers and other retirees.

ARTA nurtures leadership, encourages communication, recognizes achievement and embraces sustainability.

ARTA is an effective, ethical and transparent organization that provides services, resources and advocacy in the pursuit of and engaged lifestyle after retirement for its members. ARTA is recognized as an employer of choice by the business and non-profit community in the province of Alberta.

Outcomes 2017-2020

  • ARTA operates an infrastructure of communications tools to ensure that the accurate, timely dispersal of information to its members is communicated.
  • ARTA’s board members, staff and appropriate branch representatives are offered opportunities for continued education and skills training to succeed in their roles.
  • ARTA has a sustainable model for operations, governance fiscal planning and human resources that is adaptable for fluctuations in capacity and continued membership growth.
  • ARTA provides strong leadership for staff, the branches and members through its Executive Director & CEO and Executive Committee.