The ARTA Emergency Travel member plan was created as a joint effort between ARTA and Allianz Global Assistance, with Allianz administering the program based on ARTA’s input. Together, we are on a mission to provide the best possible member experience, which includes assisting you every step of the way during a medical emergency.

Should you experience a medical emergency during your travels, calling the Allianz Emergency Assistance team is an important first step in ensuring you get the care you need. Agents are available 24/7 to answer your call, open a case, and provide support, reassurance, and help in your moments of need.

During Your Initial Call with Us
Once you call the Emergency Assistance team to let them know what happened, here are a few things they will do to help you get back on track:
● Provide information on where to go if you need medical attention.
● Open a case and send you a case number.
● Send claim forms and information on how to complete them — via email or regular mail when you return home.

While You’re at the Medical Facility
While you’re at the facility getting the care you need, the Emergency Assistance team will continue to act on your behalf by:
● Working to confirm your certificate is current and that you meet eligibility requirements.
● Attempting to arrange billing, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

During a serious medical emergency, the Emergency Assistance team will refer you to the Allianz Case Management team of physicians, nurses, and case managers who ensure you receive the best care possible. They will:
● Review your coverage to confirm there is an active certificate under which to claim and ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.
● Inform you of which benefits may apply such as Meals and Accommodations, Trip Interruption/ Delay, Transportation to Bedside, etc.
● Attempt to arrange direct billing or Guarantee of Payment with the medical facility you’re in.
● Request and review your medical information from the facility you’re in. They will make calls to the facility to fully understand your medical situation, your best treatment, and determine when it is safe for you to return home.
● Give a little TLC (tender loving care) by staying in touch with you and your loved ones to keep you up to date.

If We Need to Bring You Home
The Allianz Medical team are experts in ensuring your return is smooth and worry-free. Once they determine that you can travel home safely, and if medical assistance is needed for travel, they will:
● Make all the transportation arrangements, provided there is an applicable benefit on your certificate.
● Contact you, if necessary, regarding past medical history, a medical update, or your care needs to help ensure proper arrangements are made.
● Make a recommendation for your return home when it is safe for you to travel.

Remember that we’re always here if you need any help or assistance during an emergency. Simply call Allianz 24/7 using the phone number indicated in your policy documents. If you have any questions about the ARTA Emergency Travel member plan, please contact ARTA’s member support centre at 1-855-444-2782 or call Allianz at 1-844-996-9003.