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With a photo of the book cover, a few publication details, and a brief description of the book, ARTA members who are recently published have a chance to share their success with our readers. 

Anyone interested in reading further is welcome to search out these books through the publishers or other booksellers. While we are happy to celebrate with our authors, ARTA’s news&views has not read the books; displaying them on the bookshelf is not an endorsement.

To share your published accomplishments, send details to Paid advertising opportunities continue to be available through

news&views opportunities for recently published ARTA authors

With a circulation of 30,000, news&views provides promotional opportunities for ARTA members who have recently published a book. Here are three options:

  1. Submit a 400-word article, following news&views submission guidelines, based on the theme of the news&views’ issue and of interest to our readers. (Each issue of the magazine indicates the theme and submission deadline for the next issue.) The usual news&views writers’ honorarium will be paid.
  2. Display the cover of your book on the ARTA Bookshelf, with publication data and a 25-word description of the book. There is no fee for this placement.
  3. Pay for an ad for your book, starting at $100 for a bulletin board ad. Request the rate card at to see other options.

For more information, write to the news&views’ editor at or retrieve news&views’ submission guidelines.

Please click on the posts below to read ARTA Bookshelf entries.

Winter 2022 bookshelf

Winter 2022 ARTA Bookshelf

Homesteading in the Last Best West by Elaine Ayre. Friesen…
autumn 2022 bookshelf

Autumn 2022 ARTA Bookshelf

Rafting the Great Northern Rivers: The Nahanni, Firth, and Tatshenshini…

Summer 2022 ARTA Bookshelf

Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide by Duane Radford. Canada Book Distributors,…
spring 2022 ARTA bookshelf

Spring 2022 ARTA Bookshelf

When We Were Shadows by Janet Wees. Second Story Press,…
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