As an enthusiastic member of ARTA’s Member Services team, I am thrilled to guide you through the ins and outs of our benefits plans. Our team is here to make your retirement as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

ARTA isn’t just for retired teachers; we’re here to support a wide variety of retired professionals from across the public and private sectors. As an ARTA member, you get to pick a benefit plan that aligns perfectly with your needs.

When is the right time to reach out to ARTA for information about your benefits plan? The answer is simple: anytime. Whether you’re seeking enrollment guidance, making plan changes, updating your information, or simply inquiring about coverage and claims, ARTA’s Member Services team is your go-to resource.

There are multiple ways to reach out to our team. Whether you prefer a friendly chat over the phone, a quick email, booking an in-person appointment or a virtual consultation, we’re here to assist you. Our online application at is designed with your convenience in mind and is a perfect tool to look through our plans.

At ARTA we want to make your experience personal. Everyone has a different vision for what they want their life to look like in retirement; we like to have a conversation with you about that vision and help you pick a plan that suits your needs best. From coverage inquiries to helping you navigate plan options, our Member Services team has your back.

Connect with us, and let’s make your retirement experience exceptional.

Phone number: Toll Free 1-855-444-ARTA (2782)

Email: [email protected]


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Bethany is a Senior Administrator with the ARTA Member Services team. She has over 7 years of customer service experience and is an A&S Licensed Agent. As part of her members-first approach, she is always quick with a smile and ready to listen to meet their needs.