About the Charitable Foundation

Improving the Lives of Seniors in Alberta

From classrooms and beyond, the Alberta Retired Teachers Charitable Foundation and its members are linked by one passionate purpose: to help assist Alberta seniors in the pursuit of appropriate housing, health services, and education to improve their lives — and our lives! — for years to come.

No donation is too small, because when a group of like-minded people come together toward a single purpose, it’s amazing what can be achieved. Find out more about how we’re helping Alberta’s future, how you can get involved, and what this all means for you.


Housing for Seniors

Everyone needs a place to call home, and we advocate and provide support to charities that help seniors get the proper accommodations and housing they need to give them the comfort and the accessibility they require and deserve.


Health Care

Our health becomes more important as we age, and we’re dedicated to helping retirees in Alberta get the resources they need for help with medical and health care concerns.


English as a Second Language (ESL) for Seniors

We recognize that not everyone in Alberta speaks English as their first language, so we’re dedicated to helping seniors advocate and communicate for themselves on important issues, whether it’s obtaining health care services or affordable housing.

To do this, we actively work to broaden the information and programs available for seniors who require ESL assistance in Alberta, so they can be available to everyone who needs them. 


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Helping Hands

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