Unifed Voice

ARTA ensures a unified voice is heard on issues affecting current and future retired individuals.

  • ARTA is an effective advocate for its members and retirees with similar interests and concerns. ARTA is recognized as a valued and respected spokesperson on behalf of its members and those in the broader community.
  • ARTA is a resource centre for its members, branches and affiliates; it provides information about ARTA and its services and links to other sources.
  • ARTA, using sound research, understands the needs and interests of its current and potential members.
  • ARTA is knowledgeable about the services and resources available to meet the needs and interests of its current and potential members.

ARTA provides the most comprehensive and beneficial insurance and benefits programs for its members and affiliates.

  • ARTA provides a forum for stakeholder groups to address, coordinate and evaluate wellness activities.
  • ARTA coordinates the identification of needs related to wellness for ARTA’s members.
  • ARTA coordinates and facilitates an action plan to address current wellness needs as identified.
  • ARTA provides a system for communicating, maintaining and promoting wellness activities within ARTA.
  • ARTA’s Board and staff and appropriate branch representatives are knowledgeable and skilled in advocacy.
  • ARTA is strategically linked with ARTA branches, retiree groups and government agencies to gain information and to establish a unified voice.
  • ARTA has well-researched and articulated positions on the most important issues affecting retired teachers and individuals.

For Advocacy Issues

Contact the ARTA office by email or phone.