Policies & Governance

You made a difference throughout your career — and that's continued into retirement

The Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association, through its Charitable Foundation, aims to help all Alberta seniors find appropriate housing and health services, and to provide support for seniors where English is a second language. To achieve this mandate, the Foundation partners with likeminded charitable organizations and funds targeted programs to make an impact on seniors living in Alberta.

As a member of ARTA, a small portion of your membership fee goes to support the foundation. Want to do more to support the foundation,  and invest in your own future? You can donate directly to the Charitable Foundation. 

Program Funding much higher than Operational Overhead

ARTCF prides itself on its low operating costs compared to other charitable organizations. Less than 5% of funds received go to operational overhead – over 95% of donations directly impact seniors in Alberta.

With your donation to The Alberta Retired Teachers Charitable Foundation, you’re not just helping other seniors in Alberta — you’re helping yourself too!

The Alberta Retired Teachers Charitable Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and follows its own set of rules and policies. You can find out more about the rules and policies that govern the Alberta Retired Teachers Charitable Foundation by downloading and opening the pdf below.

Section 28 - ARTA Policies & Procedures



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