Do you have trouble hearing in crowded, noisy environments? Are you asking people to repeat themselves often? Do you experience ringing or buzzing in your ears? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for hearing aids!

Alberta Retired Teachers Association (ARTA) offers benefit plans that include coverage for hearing aids. Hearing is an important part of our everyday life.

More than 1.5 billion people worldwide are currently affected by hearing loss in at least one ear. Around 430 million people worldwide require rehabilitation for disabling hearing loss. Hearing aids are sound amplifying devices designed and programmed to assist those who have a hearing impairment.

How do hearing aids work? Hearing aids work by amplifying the sound waves that travel to your ears, helping you to hear better. They include a 3-part system: the microphone, the amplifier, and the speaker.

Hearing is essential for maintaining connections and experiencing life events. Here at ARTA, we want to ensure that our members are provided with coverage options that contribute to a happy and healthy retirement. As a member of ARTA, you also receive access to our ARTA perks program which partners with companies to provide discounts to our members, including an audiology clinic, HearingLife Canada!

Fun fact! Ears help with balance. Your ears help with your balance due to the fluid within them. When the fluid moves, it tells your brain what you’re up to and how to compensate in terms of balance.

For more information on our hearing aid coverage, please contact our Member Services staff.

Toll free: 1-855-444-2782 (ARTA)

Email: [email protected]

Skylor Patrick

Skylor has over six years of experience providing exceptional customer service to clients in the hearing health field, and later obtained her Hearing Technician certification to better assist those who are hearing impaired.