ARTA Wellness Challenge

The Wellness Challenge is a yearly event where ARTA members are encouraged to focus on their personal wellness over the course of three months (April 1 – June 30).

It is that time of year again, and ARTA is once again hosting the 2022 Wellness Challenge. ARTA is dedicated to ensuring our members lead active lifestyles regardless of capabilities. If you have been putting off getting active because of the never-ending pandemic or have remained consistent in your physical activity, the ARTA Wellness Challenge provides motivation to keep moving. Turning the corner on becoming physically active can be hard, but when you have some motivation it can be easier. Perhaps this challenge will give you some ideas on attempting new activities or kicking up your physical activity regime a notch.

Who Can Participate?

All ARTA members of any age and skill level are welcome to participate in the 2022 Wellness Challenge. Those members who belong to a local branch will participate directly through their branch, and ARTA members who do not currently belong to a branch can submit their results directly to ARTA by mail or by emailing

How It Works

  1. Starting April 1, 2022, track your activity in minutes OR in steps on the personal daily log sheets available below.
  2. On June 30, 2022, compile your best thirty days on the Personal Best-30-Days Report sheet provided below or on the Google Form which will be made available below closer to the date.
  3. Submit your results via your Google Form, to your branch president (if applicable), or by mailing your log sheet to the ARTA office by July 31, 2022.


Once all the Best-30-Days log sheets are submitted to ARTA by branch presidents and non-branch members, awards and prizes will be distributed to the top performers. Participation prizes will also be awarded by a random draw of all members who submit their Best-30-Days log sheet. Winners will be contacted by phone or email. Please be sure to include your contact information on your log sheet.

Suggested Activities

Listed below are some activities you can participate in for active minutes. These are simply suggestions, as some might not be possible due to gathering restrictions where you live. Always stay mindful of public health guidelines in your region, remember to be safe, and don’t be afraid to try something new!

• Aqua Aerobics• Golfing• Soccer
• Badminton• Handball• Snowshoeing
• Barre Sculpting• Hiking• Spin Class
• Baseball• Hockey• Squash
• Basketball• Jogging• Stair Climbing
• Bowling• Kayaking• Surfing
• Boxing• Kettlebells• Swimming
• Canoeing• Lacrosse• Tai Chi
• CrossFit• Mall Walking• Tennis
• Curling• Martial Arts• Track and Field
• Cycling• Pickleball• Triathlon Training
• Dancing• Pilates• Volleyball
• Dragon Boating• Racquetball• Walking
• Elliptical Trainer• Resistance Training• Weight Training
• Frisbee• Rowing• Yoga
• Gardening• Skipping• Zumba

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