Wellness Challenge

ARTA Wellness Challenge - CLOSED

The Wellness Challenge is a yearly event where ARTA members are encouraged to focus on their personal wellness over the course of three months (April 1 – June 30).

Time to Get Active: ARTA Wellness Challenge

Many of our members look forward to participating in ARTA’s annual Wellness Challenge year after year, and the enthusiasm is always encouraging. ARTA’s Wellness Committee has switched up the challenge this year, with a fresh new feel. The goal of the Wellness Challenge has always been to motivate people to be more active; this new version makes it easier than ever to participate.

Adults get the most value out of exercise when they do at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity at a moderate pace each week. That might sound like a big commitment, but when you break it down, it amounts to only half an hour of physical activity per day five days a week.

This year’s Wellness Challenge asks members to track at least thirty minutes of activity per day and submit their results to [email protected] or to their branch president.

How it Works

  1. Below, you will find a link to a form with three printable calendars for the months of April, May, and June. Each day you get your heart pumping for thirty minutes and check off that day’s box in the calendar to track your progress. You can also find sixty suggested activities below.
  2. At the end of the challenge, submit all three calendars to be entered to win one of many fantastic grand prizes. If you belong to an ARTA branch, submit your results directly to your branch president, and you will be helping your fellow members compete at the branch level.

Wellness Challenge Printable Calendars Entry Form

Activity Ideas

• Aqua Aerobics• Jogging• Rowing
• Badminton• Jumping Rope• Running
• Balance Training• Kayaking• Shuffleboard
• Ballroom Dancing• Lawn Bowling• Sit-Ups
• Basketball• Line Dancing• Soft Ball
• Bocce Ball• Mall Walking• Speed Walking
• Bowling• Martial Arts• Squash
• Canoeing• Mountain Biking• Stair Climbing
• Croquet• Orienteering• Stationary Biking
• CrossFit• Paddle Boarding• Stretching
• Curling• Pickleball• Swimming
• Cycling• Pilates• Tabata Class
• Disc Golf• Ping Pong• Tai Chi
• Dragon Boating• Power Walking• Tennis
• Elliptical Training• Push-Ups• Volleyball
• Frisbee• Racquetball• Walking Outside
• Gardening• Resistance Training• Weight Training
• Golfing• Road Biking• Yardwork
• Hiking• Rock Climbing• Yoga
• Horseback Riding• Roller Skating• Zumba

Bonus Challenge:

At the end of each month, submit a picture of your wellness calendar to [email protected] for the chance to win random draw prizes for participating in the challenge, regardless of how many checkmarks you’ve earned.