Set up a Comprehensive Annual Care Plan

Do you have a Comprehensive Annual Care Plan? It’s a kind of tool, used in cooperation between pharmacists and physicians, to ensure your prescriptions are covering your needs as efficiently as possible.

Often, when managing multiple medications or therapies (especially if they were prescribed through different medical professionals), the effects or side effects can overlap. Sometimes this means that there is an opportunity to reduce or eliminate certain medications or care practices. Other times, there might be new opportunities to help you meet your evolving health goals.

When creating a Comprehensive Annual Care Plan, ARTARx pharmacists will work with you and your physician to review your conditions and all relevant medications and therapies. Specific health goals will be set by you and your medical team, and your care regimen will be tailored to help you reach those goals.

All this helps you to understand your own health and wellness on a deeper level, and helps your care team to create a unified approach to your care, leading to better outcomes.

To learn more about Comprehensive Annual Care Plans, and to find out if they’re a good choice for you, contact the ARTARx Pharmacy team.