Sometimes, we’re not as attentive as we should be when it comes to sticking to our medication schedule. Other times, our condition resolves faster than we thought and we’re left with half a bottle full of drugs we don’t have to use. Whatever the reason, many of our medicine cabinets and drawers have their fair share of expired medication. What should we do with it?

You might be tempted at first to dispose of it as you would any other kind of household trash – by throwing it in the garbage or washing it down the sink. But when you do this, the active agents in your medications (those ingredients that help you manage or recover from your condition) can leech into the ground or wastewater systems, at which point they can become harmful to plants, animals, even other humans.

ARTARx, like many pharmacies, can dispose of your expired medication for you, in a safe and sustainable manner. We just ask you to observe the following guidelines:

  • Before bringing in any medication containers, do your best to remove any personally identifying information from their labels, including your name, address, ID numbers, or contact information.
  • If possible, combine all tablets or capsules into one container for disposal.
  • For the safety of our staff, any syringes or other sharp objects will only be accepted if they arrive in a proper “sharps” container. If you don’t have a proper sharps container, ARTARx can provide one to you, free of charge.

So next time you come in to pick up a prescription, check around the house to see if you have any old medication bottles clogging up your drawers and cabinets. Bring them in! We’ll be happy to take them off your hands.