vaccine illustration

Travelling the world after retirement is a dream come true for many, but to fully enjoy your globetrotting adventures, you should make efforts to protect yourself from any travel risks you might encounter.

From a health care perspective, the most effective precaution you can take involves acquiring the right medications and getting vaccinated before you go. ARTARx can help you understand what risks you should be aware of, specific to your destination.

ARTARx pharmacists can write prescriptions and administer injections for immunization against many diseases you might encounter on your travels. Some of these immunizations can take multiple doses to become effective though, so it’s best to check in with your pharmacist more than a month ahead of time, especially when you are leaving for somewhere outside Canada or the United States.

ARTARx can also provide information on travel kits, instruct you on how to package and travel with medication, and help you navigate your specific healthcare needs — such as helping diabetics manage their injections, medications, and blood glucose readings across different time zones.

For the truly adventurous, we can also provide information and prescriptions for antimalarial pills, provide ways to combat altitude sickness, and more.

If you have a trip coming up on the horizon, contact your ARTARx pharmacy team to book a consultation. Together, we can start building a timeline for vaccinations and help you learn how to protect your health while you travel.