news&views Writing Contest 2020

Be published in news&views! Reach an audience of over 22,000 people!

Deadline for Entries: Friday, November 13, 2020
Announcement of Winners: Spring issue of news&views (March 2021)

Entry Categories

1,000-word maximum
A fictional work of extreme brevity, that still offers character and plot development.
Check the following links for guidance in your writing:

Four elements that every flash fiction story needs

Any form, any subject, any lengthVisual story telling combining words with illustrations, using up to six panels. Submitted comics must be apolitical.


The contest is open to all ARTA members, except members of any ARTA Committee, the ARTA Board of Directors, and their families.

  • The contest is open to all ARTA members, except members of any ARTA committee, the ARTA Board of Directors, or their families.
  • All submissions must be accompanied by the official entry form as the first page of the submission. (Do not send the entry form as a separate file.) Contact the ARTA office if a print copy of the entry form is required.
  • All submissions must be original work.
  • Submissions with sexuality or explicit or implied violence will be disqualified. First and second place finishers are published in news&views. Submissions that do not meet the magazine’s guidelines will not be considered.
  • Submissions may be handwritten or typed.
  • Electronic submissions of Flash Fiction and Poetry must be .doc or .docx; other formats will not be considered.
    • In electronic and typed submissions decorative fonts are not appropriate.
    • Entries that exceed the category word count will be disqualified.
  • Electronic submissions of Comic Strips must be in .jpg or .pdf, at 300dpi resolution or higher.
  • Submissions are limited to one entry per category; however, submissions in more than one category are welcome. A separate entry form must accompany each entry. Each entry must be sent as a separate file.
  • Prizes are awarded for First and Second Place. The selection of winners by the Communications Committee is final.
  • Entry submission implies permission to publish in news&views. As with all news&views content, submissions will be edited using The Canadian Style and the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. Our aim is respectful, clear writing that avoids stereotyping.
  • Winners will be advised privately by letter and publicly in the spring issue of news&views.
  • All entrants retain ownership of publication rights to their work; however, we ask that winners not submit their entries to another market until after publication in news&views.
  • ARTA retains the right to use the entries for promotional purposes during and after the competition.
  • All prizes must be accepted as awarded.

Entry Instructions

If you have written your Writing Contest entry in Microsoft Word, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Writing Contest official entry form on your computer and fill out all the fields.
  2. After all the fields of the entry form have been filled in, go to the bottom of the page and insert a page break
    [click Insert tab, click on Page Break]
  3. Paste your writing entry on the second page of the Official Entry Form and save the document.
  4. Submit the filled-out Official Entry Form (which includes your writing entry) as an attachment to an email with the subject line WRITING CONTEST to

You will be notified when your submission has been received. Please do not resubmit your entry to the address below if you have submitted it electronically.

Handwritten or typed manuscripts may be sent to WRITING CONTEST, c/o ARTA Office, 15505 137 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB  T5V 1R9
Please only submit a disposable copy since we cannot return handwritten or typed material.

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