Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has three key responsibilities: Finance, Nominations, and Human Resources.

The Executive Committee works closely with ARTA's CEO and staff to manage accounts and to prepare an annual budget for Board approval. Committees submit Meeting Expense Budgets and Initiative Requests to the Executive Committee to include in the budget preparation. The Executive Committee also ensures that the organization is audited on an annual basis and that an audit report of the Financial Statement is presented at the Annual General Meeting.

This committee is also responsible for notifying the Board of vacancies in ARTA committees, the ARTA Board, the ARTA Trust, and the Alberta Retired Teachers Charitable Foundation. Nomination forms are provided and collected for vacancies in Standing as well as Ad Hoc Committees and officer positions at the AGM and for the ARTA Trust and the ARTA Foundation at its May Board meeting. Procedures for the nominations and voting are established in Policy and Procedures. The Past President serves as Chair of this committee and presides over the voting procedures at AGM and Board meetings where voting occurs.

In addition, the Executive Committee:

  • ensures adequate office staffing is in place
  • sets the salary and benefits for the Executive Director
  • works with the Executive Director in the stagey for the office operational budget, office staff salaries, and benefits
  • regularly examines the roles and responsibilities of office staff
  • is responsible for the assessment of the Executive Director on an annual basis

Deb Gerow


Deb has been an active member of ARTA and Elk Island Retired Teachers’ Association (EIRTA), her local branch, since 2012. She has served on many ARTA committees and served as EIRTA vice president before assuming her current role as ARTA President, where she works to help members maintain an active, engaged lifestyle in retirement.

Lorna McIlroy


Teacher and horticulturalist, Lorna McIlroy is most importantly a lifelong learner. She has served on the Human Resources committee, the Strategic Planning & Advocacy committee, as president of her local branch (NWARTA), and as president of the Alberta Horticultural Association. Lorna has plenty of energy, limitless enthusiasm, and is ‘Looking Ahead’ to help guide ARTA as Past President.

Léo Richer


Léo enjoys the outdoors and is active with tennis, biking, cross-country skiing, and hiking. Léo became an ARTA Rep in 2016 shortly after he joined CARTA as vice president. He served for four years on the Pension and Financial Wellness Committee and was chair for the last three years. He looks forward to continuing to work to make ARTA a strong and vibrant organization.

Lawrence Hrycan


Lawrence has been an active member of ARTA’s Wolf Creek branch since 2014 and has served as his branch’s representative to ARTA for many years. He served on the Strategic Planning & Advocacy Committee for seven years. He is currently the ARTA representative for Public Interest Alberta, Seniors’ Task Force, and the ACER-CART representative for ARTA — a role he has held for the past five years. Lawrence currently serves on ARTA’s Executive Committee as Treasurer.

Daniel Mulloy


Daniel is the Executive Director & CEO of an association that is enjoying steady growth and is striving to achieve is goals in the areas of member’s services, wellness, advocacy, and organizational excellence. Daniel has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a professional background in finance, strategic planning, management, and performance measurement. Daniel has been with ARTA since 2012.