Subbing in Retirement

If you’re a retired teacher, have you ever considered substitute teaching after retirement? I know many retired teachers want nothing to do with teaching ever again, but I enjoy getting back into the classroom and socializing with other substitutes and full-time teachers — it gets me out of the house and off my computer or cell phone.

It is not easy, by any means, and I am open to subbing for all grades and most subjects. But I enjoy helping students with their problems. Many are often puzzled with some lessons or subjects and are grateful for the help I can give them.

Classroom dynamics are very different these days compared to years ago before I retired. There is often a lack of respect given to subs too, but once students know what is expected of them, most abide by the rules a substitute teacher gives them.

Today most students use laptops or chrome books rather than scribblers. It sure is different than when I went to school and even to when I taught full-time. In some classes, students can even use their cell phones. What a difference.

Whatever your previous profession was, teacher or otherwise, remaining connected to your old work can result in many benefits: staying active in your mind and body, remaining social, and giving you a sense of purpose, to name only a few. Or perhaps it’s time to try a job or volunteer position that’s completely unknown to you and learn a new skillset. You might be surprised how much you come to enjoy it.