Why Retirement Living Isn’t Just For Seniors Who Need Care

It’s a common question: why would I consider retirement living unless I need nursing support or 24-hour care?

The myth that people only consider or move into a retirement residence if they have high care needs is often tied to people confusing long term care (LTC) homes—government-funded residences that provide 24-hour medical care for seniors with complex care requirements or advanced stages of dementia—with retirement communities.

While personal support is conveniently available in retirement residences, and can be customized to your specific needs—including a spectrum of light services, such as medication management, to the more substantial, like assistance with your daily routine, an escort to meals and activities, and other assisted living services—senior living communities are also designed for active, independent older adults.

If you are simply looking to downsize or want to lead a maintenance- and worry-free lifestyle with built-in opportunities to stay social and active, then a retirement residence can be exactly the right choice—no care support needed.

Senior living communities are far from the institutional-like homes of the past. In a retirement residence, you have a wide choice of suites, some with kitchenettes, independent apartments with full kitchens, and sometimes even stand-alone townhomes and bungalows. Many offer parking for people who still wish to drive, beautiful outdoor gardening spaces, and great amenities for social experiences, live entertainment and other events. Furthermore, you are free to decorate your space as you wish, and come and go as you wish; that’s because it is your home and your life to live as you wish.

If that wish includes living your best independent and active life, consider these three ways a retirement residence can fulfill that dream:

  1. Retirement living means forgetting about home maintenance. It’s not just the absence of regular—and often rising—maintenance costs that can be a financial drain, it’s the instant removal of worries about having to get a new roof or replace windows, landscaping or shovelling snow, and much more. Now you can devote your time and energy to doing the things you want to do and spending time with the people you love.
  2. Retirement living means enjoying a social life on your terms. Your neighbours are your peers, and new friendships come easily and naturally. You’ll become a valued member of a true community, with many opportunities to meet people through optional interesting and fulfilling activities.
  3. Retirement living means choice. You have conveniences such as meal options, housekeeping services and the availability of support services as needed. Each is designed to keep you active and independent, and in many instances, helps you to comfortably age in place if your needs change over time.

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