Volunteers Needed – Zebra Child & Youth Advocacy Centre

The Zebra Child & Youth Advocacy Centre works together to support children who have been abused through the disclosure, investigative, judicial, and healing process of abuse.

Volunteer applications recently opened up for our fall intake, and one of the roles that is in high demand is Court Accompaniment.

For a child whose only experience with a courtroom has been on television dramas, court can be a pretty intimidating place. Thankfully, Zebra always ensure that they will be accompanied by someone every step of the way.

Although not all Zebra Centre cases will reach the justice system, our Court Accompaniment Program ensures friendly faces are there to answer questions and accompany the child on the stand as they testify against the accused.

Volunteer applications can be found here 

For those that are interested in volunteer at Zebra but maybe court accompaniment isn’t for you, please check out the other roles we have here.