Alberta Auto Insurance Digital Pink Slips

auto insurance information on mobile

If you’ve ever fumbled through your glovebox for your insurance pink slip, you may be excited to learn that in Alberta you can now store your proof of insurance digitally on your smartphone. But this doesn’t mean you can just take a photo of your paper pink slip — the digital copy must be an official copy provided by an insurance broker or carrier.

For privacy reasons, you may not want to give your unlocked smartphone to a police officer, as it contains a great deal of personal information that you may not want to share. If you choose to display your pink slip digitally, make sure you have locked your screen before you hand over your phone. Of course, if you prefer to keep the paper copy on hand, you are not required to switch to a digital pink slip. The paper copy will continue to be accepted. You are still required to provide proof of insurance when asked, even if your phone dies or is lost, so having a paper copy as a backup is probably a good idea.

To learn more about how you can use your digital pink slip, contact your insurance broker.