Securing What Matters – Four Security Tips to Make Your Car Theft-Proof

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You may be thinking that your new vehicle is already equipped with the latest security features – and that might be the case — but in reality, a lot of basic features are not deterring criminals from accessing your car. With rising incidents of theft, especially to newer vehicles, have you wondered if your security was compromised? Here are five security tips to make your car more secure against theft.

Add a Steering-Wheel Lock
A steering-wheel lock is a mechanical anti-theft device that completely immobilizes the use of your steering wheel. It’s a great and easy-to-fit solution with adjustable parameters to make sure that your wheel is completely locked. Although not 100% effective, as it can be removed with considerable force, it’s definitely a deterrent that adds another layer of complication in the process of car theft. This could potentially add more time for the police to respond.

Install an OBD Port Protector
An On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) device allows an owner or repair technician access to a variety of diagnostic information about your vehicle, like emissions, security, mileage, error codes, and other information. Unfortunately, this port could potentially let a thief replicate certain security features that your car may have. By plugging a device into the OBD port, thieves are able to replicate secure keys that could potentially bypass other anti-theft devices and allow access to your vehicle.

Install a GPS in Your Vehicle
Most GPS solutions require direct access to your OBD port, which may not be possible if you’re using a protector to secure your vehicle. If you’re still looking into a hardwired solution, you should
inquire with a mechanic whether it’s possible to fit one into your vehicle. Luckily there are some products that only require battery replacements, with battery life ranging from a few months to a few years, depending on the device you choose. With battery-dependent GPS systems, you can place it anywhere in your vehicle, reducing the risk of your device being compromised and showing you live location data at all times.

Protect Your Key Fob if Your Car Has Keyless Entry
Keyless entry is among the rising trends in the latest automotive technologies, providing a quick and responsive way to start your vehicle with one central device. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology at a close proximity, key fob signals are susceptible to being duplicated at a close distance, and with the use of an amplifying device the signal can be retrieved from inside your home. In order to combat this risk, it’s recommended to place your keys in a protected RFID pouch or closed metal container.

It’s important to layer your security measures in order to protect your vehicle thoroughly.

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