Let Hearing Aids Help You Make This A Summer To Remember

Close your eyes and think about a happy time in your past. You might be seeing quick snapshots or even a little movie playing in your mind’s eye. But what’s the soundtrack accompanying that movie? Is it a special song? The voice of someone you love? The sound of waves crashing on a shore? Applause, cheers or raucous laughter?

Because odds are that treasured memory includes sound, which makes it all the richer when you’re looking back on it now.

That’s because gathering, processing and interpreting sounds is one of the ways we interact with the world around us and make sense of our experiences.1 We use vision and sounds to connect with each other and make memories.

So what happens when you can’t hear as well as you once did?
You might be reluctant to engage in activities you once used to love, choosing instead to retreat to a safe space because you simply can’t hear well enough to enjoy the people and the environment around you.

And when you do, you rob yourself of the opportunity to get out and enjoy life – and to make wonderful new memories in the process.

Stay active and connected this summer!

Hearing aids can help to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle – both physically and socially. Here’s how!

  • You’ll feel more connected. When you can hear and participate in conversations, you’re more likely to want to engage in activities like a yoga or tai chi class, walking outside with a friend, or dancing under the summer stars with your partner.
  • You can feel safer. Hearing enhances our spatial awareness, so when you’re walking, hiking, or biking while wearing a hearing aid, you can hear things like traffic and car horns, bikes coming up behind you on a trail, or even thunder rumbling in the distance warning you to head inside to safety. Likewise, if you’re wearing a hearing aid while taking an exercise class, you can hear the instructor well enough to know if you’re doing the exercises correctly and safely.
  • You can reduce your risk of falls. There is a known link between hearing loss and the risk of falls because hearing plays a key role in our ability to stay balanced. Feeling more steady on your feet and knowing you are being proactive about protecting yourself from falls by wearing a hearing aid can make you more apt to get your body moving.
  • You’ll want to get out to enjoy the sounds around you. The crackle and hiss of a bonfire, waves lapping against the shore, children playing together at a family BBQ – these iconic sounds of summer can be within reach again. And when you know they’re accessible to you, you’ll naturally want to get out and explore, be adventurous, and become more fully immersed in all the joys the season has to offer.
  • You’ll have more energy. Struggling to process muffled information is physically and mentally exhausting. When you can hear better, you’ll have more energy to move your body in pleasurable ways that benefit your health and wellbeing rather than simply spending all your energy just trying to make sense of the clutter of sounds around you.
  • You can enjoy sounds you love while being active. With state-of-the-art hearing aid technology like Bluetooth connectivity, you can workout at the gym while you listen to your favourite songs, enjoy a podcast, or even take a call – all while wearing your hearing aid.
  • You’ll enjoy a more active social life too. Wearing a hearing aid won’t just help you get more physically active; it can also enhance your social life. Staying connected to the people in our lives is important for our mental health, especially as we age. When you can hear the world around you, you’ll choose to enjoy activities like visiting with friends, going to the theatre, or enjoying an outdoor concert again.

Make it a summer to remember by getting out and enjoying life! Start by loving your ears and all the wonderful memories they can help you make. Take advantage of a free comprehensive hearing assessment and a free, 30-day hearing aid trial at a HearingLife clinic near you today.


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