Telemedicine for ARTA Members

ARTA Extended Health Care benefit plans provide access to Telemedicine, a virtual physician service available through Green Shield Canada. As the name suggests, virtual care allows patients to meet with physicians online using technology like smartphones, computers, and tablets. 

Virtual physician services are not meant to replace a person's family physician. Instead, it is a tool to supplement in-person visits with a family physician. It is especially useful for people with reduced mobility, or people in rural areas who need to wait in hospital emergency rooms just to fill a prescription. Virtual physicians have access to each member's provincial health care records, can prescribe medications, order requisitions, and diagnose ailments, just like in-person physicians can.

Talk to a Canadian-licensed doctor online in minutes, 24/7

Instantly connect with a Canadian-licensed doctor for medical care from your phone, tablet, or computer – any time, 24/7. The online doctors in Canada can treat many conditions without you ever having to leave home, including allergies, asthma, a cold, the flu, infections, pink eye, sore throat, and many more. The average wait time to speak with a doctor is less than 10 minutes. You can receive diagnoses, prescriptions, medical notes, specialist referrals and lab requisitions as necessary during your online consultation. You can also use your MyARTA Health Hub account to easily keep track of your medical records — accessible from the platform at any time!

How it Works

Consulting a doctor is easy!

  1. ARTA Extended Health Care primary plan members can log in through
  2. ARTA Extended Health Care spouses and dependants can log into their ARTA Virtual Care account and then follow the same steps below.
  3. Click on "Coverage and Claims (MyARTA Health Hub) in the blue menu button, and then find Telemedicine under Health Services.
  4. When a medical need arises, log in and click "Get care" and enter your symptoms.
  5. A doctor will review your request and respond in minutes.
  6. Chat with a doctor and get prescriptions, medical notes and lab requisitions. Your online visit can take place over secure text messaging, audio, or video chat.
The  goal of telemedicine is to help sustain the health care system and to create a more connected healthcare experience for Canadians. Rather than guaranteeing free healthcare, the Canada Health Act guarantees equal access to healthcare. This means that services are either completely covered (such as in-person family doctor or emergency department visits) or not covered at all (such as optometrist or dentist visits). There are a number of privately paid health benefits today such as Dental and Vision care that are not covered provincially. Telemedicine services are very similar to those of mental health supports such as Employee Assistance Programs, Counselling / Pyschotherapy, and iCBT programs that are publicly and privately available.