Senior Injury Topics: Falls

by Erika Foley

As a senior it is important to stay physically active. But as we age, many find it challenging to keep up with an active lifestyle. One of these challenges is the dangers posed by falling. November is Fall Prevention month, and an excellent time to talk about the precautions we can take to ensure our safety.

Falls are the number one cause for emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and injury-related deaths among seniors in Canada. Our bodies change as we age, and seniors that includes the way we feel, move, and behave. It’s important to adjust our habits as we go through these changes, as falls can result in injury, chronic pain, and a reduced quality of life, leading to more inactivity in the future.

To find out more information about this topic check the website Parachute. This website gives information on how to assess risk, how to prevent falls, how to get up after a fall, as well as how falls affect vision, medication, chronic disease, cognitive impairment, and more. It also gives information on how to safely add more physical activity into your daily life, at home or elsewhere.

Take the opportunity to learn about fall prevention this month, and incorporate the knowledge into your life the whole year round.