Do You Need Vaccinations For Your Vacation?

Travel is meant to be fun, but getting sick while you’re on vacation can take the fun away and may lead to serious and possibly long-term health concerns. One way to minimize your risk is to investigate whether you need any travel vaccinations for your chosen destination. To do this, you should consult your doctor or a travel health clinic at least two to three months before your departure date. This can help you assess your vaccination needs and make an informed decision about how to proceed, especially if you have any pre-existing medical concerns and/or are taking any medications.

You should also check the entry/exit requirements of the place(s) you plan to visit because some countries require proof of specific vaccinations before you can enter the country. The country’s embassy or consulate can provide the most current information on entry/exit requirements.

For more information about travel vaccinations, including recommendations according to destination, visit this Government of Canada site.

To find a travel health clinic in Alberta, visit this Travel Health Services website from Alberta Health Services.