Benefits of RVing in the Spring

rv on road

Laurie Bauer, CAIB | Business Development Manager, Orbit Insurance Services

Spring is a great time to hit the road and explore. From late March to late June, the season’s fresh air and sunshine complement an RV vacation. Motorhomes and trailers let you enjoy the comforts of home while discovering new and exciting places. With a spring trip, you will experience smaller crowds, forgiving temperatures, fewer insects, and opportunities to save money.

Here are some benefits when considering a springtime RV vacation!

Breathe Fresh Air

Spring provides the perfect conditions for being outside — not too hot or too cold. Fresh air lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress, increases energy, hones focus, improves mood, and helps you sleep.

Move Your Body and Get Some Vitamin D

Shake off the winter blues and get moving. Head to a campsite where you can find plenty of exercise opportunities like hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, bird watching, and playing. Your body will benefit from the boost of vitamin D to support your immune system and strengthen bones. Whether you sit in a chair by the lake, hike along a local trail or play card games at a picnic bench, soak in the sun as you boost your health and wellness.

Stay Comfortable and Encounter Fewer Insects

Hot summer temperatures can make the outdoors uncomfortable. Cooler spring temperatures mean you can spend time outside without worrying about the heat and enjoy fewer mosquitoes, ticks and flies. It’s still important to wear long pants in the woods, drink plenty of fluids, and pack sunscreen and bug spray.

Experience Lighter Crowds

Lighter crowds in the spring also mean less noise and more room to spread out. Prime RV and camping sites are also more available.

See Wildlife

Wildlife delights in the outdoors in the spring. This is a great opportunity to connect with nature and be entertained by wildlife. Use your photography skills to capture beautiful pictures of nature. Respect your surroundings by viewing wild animals from afar, removing garbage promptly, and locking your RV doors.

Save Money

Campsite and RV rental prices are generally cheaper during the off-season. Consider borrowing or renting the equipment you use infrequently.

Whether you buy or rent an RV, trailer, or motorhome, you will want to ensure you have the necessary insurance coverage. Before renting an RV, review what insurance coverage is included before committing. Call your broker for a full explanation of the coverage being offered.

If you are buying an RV, you will need to buy more coverage through your auto insurance provider. Talk to your insurer about adding coverage, and you may be eligible for a bundling discount.