Since its inception in 1963, a large part of ARTA’s success is a result of the work of volunteers from its many branches who serve on ARTA’s Committees.

There are two types of committees: Standing Committees with indefinite terms, and Ad Hoc Committees which have definite terms, usually lasting one year. All committee members are elected each year at ARTA’s Annual General Meeting in October and are accountable to the ARTA Board of Directors and the AGM. Depending upon the number of members in any particular committee, members serve for between three and six years. The committee may also have a non-voting consultant who is usually the past committee chair and who may be approved at AGM for the purpose of continuity. Each committee elects its own chair who serves for one year. It is through the tireless work and dedication of these volunteers that much of ARTA’s business gets done.

The Executive Director or designate along with one officer usually attend Committee meetings as non-voting ex-officio members. There are seven Standing Committees of ARTA.

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